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Pembayaran untuk Recommended paper /Internasional Journal publishing

| 08-06-2015   14:33:33 WIB | count view (1431)

Dear all IJCIMBI 2015 presenters,

As the committee will further process all the recommended paper (availabe to be downloaded in the ijcimbi official website) to be published in the international journals,

Please do transfer the Fee only once  you have received notification from the international reviewer notified by IJCIMBI Committee that you have fullfilled the qualification required for the designated international journal publication.

For presenters who have not sent the paper after revision required, the Directorate of Research and Community Service of Universitas Ubudiyah Indonesia, please do send it immediately.

Note :

  • Please be notified that the process for international publishment is commenced from the time when the paper after revision is submitted not from the commencement of Conference.
  • The period required for international jurnal publishment minimum 6 months
  • To be published, the paper needs to fullfill the following criteria :

1. Written papers are in the format of IJCIMBI
2. extensive english editing required
3. Minimum page is 5 maximum is 10
4. Increase the number of reference

Thank You

IJCIMBI 2015 Committee.


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