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Participant (52) 12.35%
Presenter (369) 87.65%
Total: 421

IJCIMBI Profile 2015

| 09-12-2014   14:57:36 WIB

The 1st IJCIMBI 2015 is the two years annual agenda of the four universities, therefore we hope the implementation of The 1st  IJCIMBI 2015 can provide good benefits and contribution to higher education in particular and the world in general. The aim of this conference is as a means of publication of scientific papers for the academic community both from Indonesia, Malaysia, Irelandia and Bangladesh as well as to strengthen the relationship of academic cooperation between educational institutions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Ireland and Bangladesh in various fields of activities both teaching, research and community service, to strengthen cross-cultural among the people of Indonesia, Malaysia, Ireland and Bangladesh, to motivate researchers in conducting research that can deliver change and development in the field of Economics, Social Sciences and Technology.

Publication opportunities

  • Accepted papers will be published into several options publications, among others;
    papers will be published into international journals have been indexed SCOPUS: Trans Tech Publications (TTP) and the Journal of Asian Scientific Research (JASR), Asian Economic and Social (AESS)
  • 6 national journals Ubudiyah managed by the University of Indonesia (UUI)
  • Journal of law
  • Journal Of Health
  • Journal of Science Education
  • Journal of Engineering Science
  • Journal Of Informatics And Computer Science
  • Journal of Economic Science
  • Proceeding IJCIMBI 2015.