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Welcome Message

| 11-12-2014   16:39:17 WIB

We are proud to invite your participation in international conference amongst four universities, namely the Universitas Ubudiyah Indonesia, Universitas Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP), Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) Ireland. The aim of this conference is:

  1. As a scientific papers publication forum for Indonesian, Malaysian and Irish academics
  2. To strengthen academic cooperation and relations between educational institutions (teaching, research and community service) in Indonesia, Malaysia and Ireland
  3. To strengthen cross culture among the society of Indonesia, Malaysia and Ireland
  4. To motivate researchers in conducting research that promotes changes and development in Economics, Social Sciences and Technology.

In addition, we also invite the minister of research and technology of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. Muhammad Nasir to be a keynote speaker on“The role of the National Research Policy on the Development of Technology Innovation .We also proudly present the Vice Counselor UNIMAP, Brig Gen Datuk Prof. Dr Kamarudin Hussin, who will speak on "Research Commercialization" and the President of Athlone Institute Of Technology Ireland, Prof. Ciaran O Chathain ­ to speak on "The continuity of Research Innovation in Coping with Global Market Challenges ", the founder of Daffodil International University – Bangladesh who will present on “the research sustainability within the industry”.  We ourselves Universitas Ubudiyah Indonesia will also discuss on the "The Achievement and Challenges of Research in Realizing MDGs ".

The 1st IJCIMBI 2015 is the two years annual agenda of the three universities, therefore we hope the implementation of The 1st  IJCIMBI 2015 can provide good benefits and contribution to higher education in particular and the world in general.

We look forward to a cooperation and contribution from sponsors, government agencies, private Institutions, state, and non-governmental organizations both national and international.


The Rector of Universitas Ubudiyah Indonesia