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Participant (52) 12.35%
Presenter (369) 87.65%
Total: 421

Registration Fee

| 09-12-2014   13:43:54 WIB

Registration Fee IJCIMBI 2015

Payment Include

  • Guide Book
  • CD proceeding
  • Lunch and One Package Dinner
  • Seminar Kit
  • Tour Package.

"If there is more than one writers in one abstract/ full paper and all of the authors are willing to participate in IJCIMBI 2015, thus Fees Charged are; for the first authors/ whom is pointed to be the presenter suggested to register as the presenter (fees charged described in Brochure) whilst the other authors are suggested to register as the participant (fees charged described in Brochure)"

The largest abstract and citation database of peer reviewed literature. National Researcher can submit the publication with Scopus indexing by pay additional fee USD 135


Bank Account : 700 1 741 138
Swift Code : BSMDIDJA
Name: Universitas Ubudiyah Indonesia
Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) Unit Banda Aceh 


Juli Dwina
Phone : +6282167906493 | Email : juli.dwina@uui.ac.id

Ferdi Nazirun Sijabat
Phone : +6282167906492 | Email : ferdi@uui.ac.id

Email : ijcimbi@uui.ac.id
Fax : 0651 7555 566

Note: Payment not include the cost of lodging